● Main Character


●The host of Judah's festival in the Animal-City.

●Barkley, like a real city cat is proud, smart, and clever and, of course curios about everything.

●Lovely look is his most significant feature.



●A 12 years old boy, the only child in his family

●One day he stumbled into an Animal-City, Where he met Barkley and his animal friends with whom he started his adventure. As the story goes, Fido gains more confidence and becomes mature. Finally, he realizes that nothing is not predetermined and he can create his own way into the future.



The well respected and admired ruler of the animal kingdom who possesses supernatural powers. Despite his amicable, gracious and well-groomed appearance, he harbors strong drive and ambition.



Beneath the isolated tigress’ cold and cruel appearance lays hidden an untold sorrowful past. After a spate of events, she finally manages to open up and overcome the pain – joining forces with Barkley and Fido in attempt to wrest control from Judah.



The General in charge of protecting the animals. Judah is able to harness his magic to amplify Howard’s powers to fulfill his duty. In the midst of uncovering Judah’s evil plans, he discovers his passion for nature which spurs him to agree to Fido and Barkley’s appeal to participate in Plan B in the battle against Judah.


Oleo & Bibo

Oleo & Bibo are inhabitants of Animal City and also Barkley’s roommates. Both of them have innocent personalities, and are also trusting of humans whom they get along well with. As a result of being always in each other’s company - they often find themselves arguing with each other.